English with Roy! B1-B2

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This course was designed to prepare students to reach the B2 level of English by the CEFR. 

On this platform, you can practice all different language skills, as well as acquire grammatical knowledge in order to enhance your English skills complying the B2 level by the CEFR. This course includes the following lessons:

  • Vocabulary lessons such as ‘Character Adjectives’ and ‘Dictionary Skills’
  • Speaking lessons which include Oxford University Press (OUP) videos
  • Listening lessons such as ‘Authentic Listening’ and ‘Short Extracts’
  • Grammar lessons such as ‘Relative Clauses’ and ‘Gerunds/Infinitives’
  • Writing lessons such as ‘Formal Letters’ and ‘Writing a Response to a Film'
  • Reading lessons such as the ‘Book Intro’ and ‘Multiple Choice’

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Leroys Valdés

Leroys Valdés